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Legal forms to comply with Texas state regulatory & common laws requiring informed consent.
Access to up to 75 different legal forms to obtain written informed consent for a variety of general and specialty dental procedures.
Also, forms for dental office administration, patient correspondence, & employment of dental office personnel.

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Access The Dental Legal Advisor for articles, legal opinion, and dental law information
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20+ years of experience as a legal practitioner specializing in
the areas of dentistry and Texas dental law.

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Links to Forms On This Site
"All Informed Consent Forms" Package

All Informed Consent Forms Package
Annual Subscription Package
Auxiliary Employment Agreement
Chart Audit/Inventory, Rule 108.8 Compliance
Complete HIPAA Compliance Package
Conscious Sedation Informed Consent - Adult
Conscious Sedation Informed Consent -Child
Contract for Purchase/Sale of Dental Records
Custom Forms with Office Binder & CD
Dentist Associate Employment Agreement
Download Order Form
Duplication of Records Policy
Employment Agreement - Auxiliary Staff
Gingivitis - Patient Education
HIPAA Business Associate Agreement
HIPAA Complaint Form
HIPAA Consent to use and disclose protected health information
HIPAA Employee Notice Policies  Procedures
HIPAA Patient Acknowledgement of Receipt
HIPAA Privacy Practices Notice to Patients

Informed Consent for Bone Regeneration
Informed Consent for Botox(tm) Injection(s)
Informed Consent for Crown and Bridge
Informed Consent for Dentures
Informed Consent for Endodontics
Informed Consent for Extractions
Informed Consent for Fixed Prosthodontics
Informed Consent for General Dentistry
Informed Consent for I.V. Sedation

Informed Consent for Implants

Informed Consent for Implants and Anesthesia
Informed Consent for Nitrous Oxide
Informed Consent for Orthodontics - Long
Informed Consent for Orthodontics - Short
Informed Consent for Perio Prophylaxis
Informed Consent for Periodontics
Informed Consent for Photography
Informed Consent for Teeth Whitening
Informed Consent for Oral Bisphosphonates
Informed Refusal of Radiographs
Informed Refusal of Treatment

New Patient and Chart Initiation Form
New Patient Telephone Intake Form
Employee Policy Handbook - Short Version
Employee Policy Handbook - Long Version
Patient Authorization to Release Records
Patient Dismissal Letter
Patient Release of Claims
Patient Termination Letter
Pediatric Patient Management
Periodontal Surgery - Patient Education
Purchaser / New Owner Checklist
Purchaser Pre-Closing Checklist
Seller Closing Checklist
Texas State Board Compliance Checklist
TSBDE Letter: Patient Death/Injury/Hospital

Informed Consent - Multi-Area (English)
Informed Consent - Multi-Area (Spanish)

Maintenance of Records Agreement
Medical Emergency Protocol for Dental Office

Basic Emergency Equipment and Drugs

Informed Consent for Use of Local Anesthetic


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All of the forms available on this site are
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who has been successfully serving Texas dental professionals since 1994.
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